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Keenan Clark, owner and stylist, is proud of the culture of Clark Salon and Spa in Canton, Georgia.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Keenan believes taking good care of his employees is the secret to his success. “I care more about the hearts of my team members than anything else. We are always hiring nice and coachable people.”

For career opportunities or questions, Keenan says, “We would love to meet you. Come in for a tour anytime, we would love for you to make Clark Salon and Spa your new salon home.

Train With Experts


Keenan Clark


Maria Morales

TRX Master

Debby Scott

Core Trainer

Kevin Joy

Body Builder

Brian Young

Muscle Pro

Emma Morton

Fitness Guru

Tammy Woo

Personal Trainer

David Morse

Heavy Weight Trainer

Arnold Lawrence

Body Builder

Nora Carpenter

Power Trainer

Adam Marshall

Floor Specialist

Roberta Cooper

Personal Trainer

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