What are you afraid of?

People are afraid of all kinds of things: flying, public speaking, heights or even the dark, but being brave (acting while scared) can sometimes be beneficial in conquering our fears- or at least not letting them conquer us.

Career Opportunities

Keenan, owner of Clark Salon & Spa, praises its culture and employee retention. Benefits include apprenticeships, career paths, in-house education, and monthly coaching.

Clark Salon: A Family Heritage

Clark Salon & Spa in Canton, GA, a family business since 1978, offers hair, nail, and massage services, plus wellness amenities like floatation therapy and red light therapy.

Beginner’s Guide to Floating

Floatation therapy offers a unique, relaxing experience, reducing muscle tension and blood pressure while providing stress relief and improving mental well-being in a customizable setting.

My Cold Plunge Experience

Cold plunge therapy can be anxiety-inducing but provides mental and physical benefits such as mood stabilization, stress relief, and muscle healing, especially when combined with sauna.

What is a pixie cut?

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