Clark Salon: A Family Heritage

the family business of hair

In 1978, the year his youngest son Keenan was born, Bill Clark opened his first barber shop, BC & Company located in Colony Square in Atlanta, GA.

Bill previously worked at Lockheed Martin, but was eager for a career change when his wife reminded him of a friend who was enjoying his profession as a barber.  Bill took a chance on this opportunity and it paid off in a big way for he and his family. 

His daughter Kami joined the family business as a teenager and still works at the salon today. Early rebellion made Keenan reluctant to come around to the idea of doing hair, but eventually he enrolled in hair school to follow in his father’s footsteps. 

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Keenan’s “life sleeve tattoo” includes his father’s barber chair and tools.

introducing: Clark salon & spa

In 2001, Keenan convinced his dad to move the family business to Cherokee County where they now resided. BC & Company was rebranded as Clark Salon and Spa and together Keenan (now a partner) & Bill put down roots in the community that they loved. 

In 2006, Clark Salon and Spa moved into their permanent home in The Market at BridgeMill shopping center on Bells Ferry Rd in Canton. Moving beyond the humble beginnings of a barber shop, the salon expanded their hair services, added two experienced nail technicians with very loyal followers and hired a massage therapist. 

Their valuable apprenticeship program attracted more service providers, and steady growth required the expansion of the physical space once again as they acquired the unit next door. 

Keenan eventually purchased the business outright from his dad, but not one to retire, Bill still enjoys maintaining his long-standing clientele from his antique barber chair in the salon. 

Clark Salon and Spa have earned its positive reputation in the community by taking care of guests from Canton and Woodstock and beyond for over 21 years. In addition to their professional hair services, the vitality spa side of Clark Salon has garnered the attention of health enthusiasts who want to feel fabulous as well as look fabulous. 

You won’t find a state-of-the-art facility quite like Clark Salon and Spa which includes sought-after health and wellness amenities including:

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