Keenan’s Tips For Perfect Hair Color

6 tips for perfect color

Having your hair color done by a professional hair colorist should make you look younger. It is probably the fastest, least expensive, most effective, painless and harmless ant-aging service available. I was always tell people that having your hair color done correctly can take 10 years off your appearance. 

  • Your hair color should enhance and complement your complexion and reduce unwanted lines.
  • Your color should not be darker around your face, but a level lighter for anti-aging and softness.
  • Your hair should remain healthy and shiny when your color is done correctly.
  • Lighten your hair color one level with each decade of life. This will keep you looking younger and keep the contrast of regrowth less noticable. 

This client has never been highlighted. For more examples of dimensional hair color without lightening the hair, go to #clarksalonsingleprocess on Instagram

6 tips continued

  • Your colorist should never overlap permanent color on your hair. I have built my clientele and reputation by specializing in single process gray coverage. Each of my single process clients leave my chair with dimension that looks like it’s been highlighted. You don’t have to pay for a highlighting service if your single process is done right.
  • Having gray hair can actually work in your favor if you use your gray to be your highlights. I often see gray-coverage customers highlighted unnecessarily. There are definitely certain looks and scenarios that can only be achieved by highlighting, but the more gray or white hair you have. the less highlighting in necessary to have beautiful dimensional hair color.

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If you would like a consultation to learn more, it would be our pleasure to sit down with you and talk hair. I would like to personally invite you to see and experience the difference in hair color done right at Clark Salon and Spa. We certainly look forward to serving you.


Keenan Clark photo cred: Red Baryl Portraits

Photo cred: Red Baryl Portraits

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