Lash & Brow TintMakeup

Starting At:

Lash Tint – Starts at $23

Brow Tint – Starts at $23

Combo – Starts at $34

Professional Nail

Clark Salon & Spa prides themselves in offering drill free / hand-filed fingernail services for their guests.

IBD professional gel products are used for gel polish manicures on natural nails.

Nail extensions are formed with a hard builder gel that averages 3 weeks before any necessary touch-ups.

Nail Techs Alison Martin and Rachele Bruu have been doing nails over 30 and 25 years respectively and have a very loyal clientele.

Nail Prices

Starting At:

Full Set – $72

Touch-up $46

Manicure – $26

Polish Change – $16

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