Woman being massaged on a table at Clarks Spa in Canton, Georgia

Clark Salon & Spa Massages

Clark Salon & Spa offers your choice of 30, 60,  and 90 minute massage therapy sessions that can be customized to your specific needs.

Pre-natal, deep tissue, relaxation and reflexology can be discussed during consultation to enhance your experience.  

Relax in our comforting and rejuvenating spa environment with the most talented masseuses in Canton, Georgia. 

Starting At:

30 Minutes – $61

60 Minutes – $93

90 Minutes –  $126

Don’t Stop Here

Treat yourself to more

What are you afraid of?

People are afraid of all kinds of things: flying, public speaking, heights or even the dark, but being brave (acting while scared) can sometimes be beneficial in conquering our fears- or at least not letting them conquer us.

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Career Opportunities

Keenan, owner of Clark Salon & Spa, praises its culture and employee retention. Benefits include apprenticeships, career paths, in-house education, and monthly coaching.

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