Meet Amber Picou!

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Amber Picou is a stylist and educator who has brought a vibrancy to Clark Salon and Spa for over two years. She has raving fans who know she is a safe space for them, and always willing to have fun behind the chair with fresh designs and custom colors!

Amber, What do you love most about working at Clark Salon and Spa?

“My favorite thing about working here at Clark Salon and Spa is having the opportunity to teach new stylists entering the salon industry. I love to show them just how great the industry is and the many benefits available to them personally and professionally while working in a salon atmosphere. 

I’m also grateful to be able to take advantage of the unique spa offerings we have here at Clark Salon like the floatation therapy & vitality booth. I try to squeeze in some self-care now and then when I have the time!”

When Amber isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their 5 year-old son, plus the family dog  and cat. She enjoys video games, horror, and an abundance of plants! 

Amber, what are your favorite hair specialties?

“I absolutely love doing fashion/vibrant colors on my guests- probably because I also love to wear fun, vivid colors!

I enjoy stylish butterfly cuts and I love giving a guest beautiful dimension with highlights. I love the satisfaction of adding length to hair with tape in and tie-in extensions, and I’m expanding my knowledge in this area with K-tip as well.”

“Everyone I have interacted with at this salon is so friendly and personable, but AMBER is an absolute rockstar of a stylist. She has been doing my hair for 5 years now and made me absolutely love my hair again. An absolute gem.” – A Raving Fan


How do you help your guests "Look & Feel Fabulous"?

“I help clients look and feel fabulous by being a safe, inclusive place for all of my guests! I do my best to make everyone feel comfortable in my chair with a thorough consultation and a listening ear. I pay attention to all of their concerns and make sure to explain what I’m doing throughout the service and why. I want my guests to know that I listen and follow through.”

“I can’t wait to see your true colors bloom!”


Click below to check out more of Amber’s hair creations on Instagram! @hair_by_picou

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