Meet Emily Creedon!

service Provider spotlight:

Emily Creedon has been a smiling face and stellar esthetician at Clark Salon and Spa for 3 years!

Emily, what do you like most about working at Clark Salon and Spa?

I’ve enjoyed the community here at Clark Salon and Spa. Each day I look forward to the friendly atmosphere with my co-workers and I love connecting with my guests from the moment they walk in the door and throughout our esthetic service together.  

My favorite thing to do is give my clients the tools they need to make informed decisions about their particular skin and skin type. The result is a glow from the inside out! 

Emily is an animal lover with 2 dogs and a cat of her own. She loves wrapping jewelry and anything that allows her to be creative and artsy. Emily also enjoys nature, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding and curling up with a good book.

Lash tinting enhances existing lashes with permanent color.

Emily, what are your favorite esthetic specialties?

“I specialize in lash tint where I apply a permanent color to the lashes to better accentuate them. Lighter lashes have the best results and really pop after a treatment. 

On the esthetic side, I love to do relaxing facials with soft touch massage as well as popular chemical peels that smooth and improve the texture of your skin. 

We offer a variety of skin treatments at Clark Salon and Spa and each session is tailored to meet your particular skin needs. A fan favorite is our “Antioxidant Vital C Facial”

Our IMAGE skincare product line leaves your skin glowing and hydrated. I’m happy to recommend what would be your best at-home protocol.”


WHAT Emily's raving fans say:

 “Emily took time to ask questions and understand my problem areas. She explained the process and products she used during my facial”

“The overall experience surpassed my expectations! Emily has the most delicate touch.”

‘Let’s get your next appointment on the books! I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to Look and Feel Fabulous with radiant skin at Clark Salon and Spa!”


Click below to check out more of Emily’s esthetic work on Instagram! @emilys_esthetic

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