Meet Kimber McGill!

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Kimber McGill is a Level 4 Master Cosmetologist at Clark Salon and Spa,  who specializes in blonding techniques, custom extensions and vivid colors.

Kimber, how long have you been a stylist at Clark Salon and Spa?

“I have been a part  of the Clark Salon and Spa team for almost 12 years now, and my time here has really helped me grow professionally and personally. The salon environment and education have given me enormous confidence in what I do behind the chair. 

I started in the Associate Program at Clark Salon and Spa, and was impressed with the difference between learning in a salon versus learning in cosmetology school. Hair school teaches the basics needed to pass state board, but true salon education makes you better hairstylist.

I would have loved to take advantage the Apprenticeship Program had I known it was an option when I first started in the industry!” 

Kimber lives in Canton with her sweet baby girl Yalena. When she isn’t doing fabulous hair, she enjoys spending time with her family and curling up with a good book. 

Kimber, do you have any favorite hair specialties?

Over the years, I’ve really grown my blonde clientele because I love highlighting! Among the various techniques, I especially enjoy highlighted foliage which gives you a really nice grow-out. 

In addition to blonding, I have expanded my expertise in custom hair extensions of all kinds. My pursuit of continued education in this specific area has paid off in the form of very happy clients!

Extensions are an easy way to spot treat, add fullness to hair and give you extra length. My clients love the instant gratification and I love making them Look and Feel Fabulous!”

Vivid colors are another one of my favorite hair specialties. I used to wear vivid colors myself, so I have an understanding on how to give my clients the fun colors they want as well as advice on how to maintain the color.


Kimber, how do you help your guests "Look & Feel Fabulous"?

“My clients consistently say they love coming to see me because we laugh and have a good time. Many of my clients have become good friends outside of the salon, and I am grateful I get to help people look and feel their best at Clark Salon and Spa!

I look forward to seeing you soon and giving you the hair of your dreams!”


Click below to check out more of Kimber’s hair creations on Instagram!

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