Meet Rachel Sibley!

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Rachel Sibley is a Level 4 Master Cosmetologist at Clark Salon and Spa, and has been with the company for almost 9 years.

Rachel, tell us about how you began your career at Clark Salon and Spa

“I started working front desk when I was a senior in high school at 18! I think it was good for me to have that experience at the front desk, because it gave me a chance to learn the business and also build a reputation with existing clients.

I began my apprenticeship with Clark Salon and Spa during the summer after graduation and it was the best thing I could’ve done for my career. The apprenticeship program allowed me to learn much more quickly than I would have in school, and I was able to start building my clientele before I was fully licensed.

By the time I actually had my master cosmetology license, I had a pretty full schedule already whereas if I did the cosmetology school route I would have had to finish school before being able to build a clientele. It definitely takes work and commitment but if you are motivated and ready to work it’s 100% the best route to go!”

Rachel lives in Canton with her husband Mitchell & 2.5 year-old son Callum, plus a very sassy yorkie and a cat. Their favorite things to do as a family is attending their  church and hanging out by the pool on the weekends.

Rachel, what are your favorite hair specialties?

I absolutely love to do grey touch-ups and natural highlighting/balayage on my guests. Creating gorgeous, healthy hair is a top priority for me and I feel honored that my guests feel comfortable in my chair to allow me to the opportunity to give them beautiful hair to match the beauty inside of them! 

Over the years, I have created a loyal clientle who trust that when they come to me they will be heard- I will listen to what they want, but will also give my professional opinion on what they are asking for. The end result is a raving fan who tells their friends about me!

 “Rachel has been my stylist for a while and I truly love her. She has made my hair so beautiful, I get compliments all the time. She listens well and also gives great professional advice. She is easy to talk with and makes the experience so lovely. I highly recommend Rachel!”

-Joni K.

How do you help your guests "Look & Feel Fabulous"?

“I love working at Clark Salon and Spa because of the collaborative atmosphere and the flexibility that I have to balance my career as a working mom. The positive environment translates directly to each guest that I have the privilege of working with. I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and I can’t wait to see you in my chair soon!”


Click below to check out more of Rachel’s hair creations on Instagram! @balayagedbeauties

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